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30th Nov 2022


About Tommie A. Harsley

Tommie A. Harsley
Tommie A. Harsley

Tommie A. Harsley

Tommie A. Harsley III is the minister of Grace New Covenant Church (GNCC) in St. Louis Missouri. GNCC was established in 2006 and has encountered the blessing of the Lord and superb development. In 2009, the congregation procured and redesigned a strip shopping center, changing over a 10,000 sq. retail space into the congregation assembly hall, homerooms and office space.

The congregation is fundamentally engaged with administration to the local area and in 2013 devoted the Grace New Covenant Community Ministry Center, a 25,000 sq. ft. multi-reason building dedicated to serving the requirements of north district inhabitants. The Church has encountered colossal development mathematically and profoundly.



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Tommie A. Harsley
Tommie A. Harsley
Tommie A. Harsley
Tommie A. Harsley

About Pastor Tommie Harsley Scholarship

Tommie A. Harsley III is the pastor of Grace New Covenant Church (GNCC) in St. Louis Missouri. GNCC was founded in 2006 and has experienced the favor of the Lord and wonderful growth. For this reason, and many others, he has established the Pastor Tommie Harsley Scholarship . The award will help three talented students cover the high cost of tuition…
The three deserving winners of the Pastor Tommie Harsley Scholarship will see a deduction in their tuition accounts of $1000 each. The award winner will have written a creative essay of 700-850 words addressing the following questions:
“ When you are established in your career  and have experienced success professionally how would you want to help young people who are aspiring for an education and/or mentoring?”

Students who apply for the Pastor Tommie Harsley Scholarship must:
• Be currently enrolled at an accredited US college or university as a Freshman, Sophomore, or Junior
• Submit the essay based on the question noted above.

Award amount:
• The Pastor Tommie Harsley Scholarship will present three one-time awards of $1,000.

How to apply:
Students must provide the following information via email, with their essay attached.
• First and Last Name
• Telephone Number
• Mailing Address
• Email Address
• Expected year of Graduation.
• University or College where currently enrolled
• Most recent GPA
• Biography of 200-250 words.

All submissions must be received by Nov 15, 2022. The announcement date for the winning candidates will be on Nov30, 2022.

Selection of the winner
The winning candidate will be informed via formal email to info@pastortommieharsleyscholarship.com. Funds will be sent directly to the financial aid account of the winning students.


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